This forum is for sharing exported Numerology modules in .zip format. You can export just about any kind of module, but the only ones that really make sense are either one of the NoteSequencers (for patterns), and especially the AudioSample and DrumKit modules. If you want to share a set of modules that need to be used together, use the "File Exchange : Stacks" forum.

You have to be a member of the "Numerology Users" group to upload files. To request membership, go to the "User CP" page, and click "Group Memberships". I try to approve all requests within 24 hours.

Step-by-step instructions:

• Prepare your module by testing it in a stack. For instance, when preparing a DrumKit, I test it in a stack with an 8-track DrumSeq.

• Use the "Export Module" option in the action menu for the module (which
is the third item from the left in the module header). Be sure to check the "Also save as .zip archive" option!

• Before uploading your module, test it by importing it into a new session.

• Create a new thread in this forum, and attach the .zip archive of your exported module. The .zip file will include any samples used by the module. Attachments are limited to 10MB, so keep that in mind.