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    FW 1.0.16 and later: COPY & PASTE

    Ok, so, there's a hidden copy n paste feature (v1.0.16 and later). I have been hesitant to reveal it as there is currently NO UI for it, no error checking, etc. Nonetheless, I know how important it is, so here goes:

    To COPY: On the PRESET page, hold 'Shift' and press 'Select' (aka B-flat on the mini-keyboard). This marks the current preset as the source for a copy.

    To PASTE: Also on the PRESET page, hold 'Shift' and press 'Skip' (aka G-flat) to paste the copied preset to the currently selected preset. Of course, do this after selecting the preset you want to copy to.

    CAVEATS AND WARNINGS: As mentioned, there's no UI for this. I recommend jumping to one of the edit pages to verify you're getting the data you expected. You can copy from any Part to any other Part, but the Parts must be the same basic length (16,32,64 steps) and type (Mono vs Chord) or you will trash the data for the target preset and probably have to re-format the Part to clean it up properly. For those reasons, I recommend not doing this with auto-save on -- e.g. with the transport running. Certainly I don't recommend doing this during a performance...

    The plan is to add a proper UI, but I'm still sorting out whether that involves Dialog boxes (like file saves), or just a simple 'preset copied' icon somewhere on the PRESET page.



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      Great - thx Jim. I'll give it a go


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        Jim - can confirm that the copy/paste for presets within same part worked exactly like you said - very useful already.


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          Just saw this. Wish I’d seen it earlier! Brilliant!