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Switch Pitch back to Note mode?

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  • Switch Pitch back to Note mode?

    Greetings, had just upgraded Vector to 2.1.17 and noticed while in Parts that voltage is displayed instead of note. How do you toggle back to displaying note? This had occurred right after upgrading and changing TUN to 0-5v.

    Suggestions appreciated.

    EDIT: When 0-5v is selected for tuning under SEQ CTL / TUN, step pitches will be shown as voltages instead of Notes. In a separate email Jim shared “The -3+7 tuning option is a normal 12TET tuning, but with voltage readouts, so you can flip between NORM and that one w/o chaning what values are actually output. The -3+3 and 0-5 tunings use non-standard divisions of the octave (20TET, IIRC).

    Since the 4LM SWN module requires 0-10v for 1v/oct and Transpose CV jacks it appears the best approach to address this is with an “Offset” module, to convert -3+7v to 0-10v.
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