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Usb connection with hubs

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  • Usb connection with hubs

    Hi guys,

    I have read through the manual and noticed that it is recommended not to use hubs to connect the vector.

    I would like the vector to be connected to my studio machine for sequencing and syncing if possible, my other option is to sync over midi.

    I have a Mac mini which has two USB ports I would like to keep in operation as they are if possible.

    I also have a thunderbolt hub which operates at a very high bandwidth.
    has anyone had any experience connecting via a similar hub with positive results?

    There was similar warnings with the Virus Ti over direct usb connection , but I found it worked flawlessly over the thunderbolt connection including audio over usb.

    any feedback greatly appreciated !

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    i have mine on a usb hub because my studio has waay more usb devices than my pc has outputs and i have not found that a problem so far.
    but i have to say that i am not looking too closely on the midi timing here, i am not too concerned about this topic so far, it may run tighter if you use another method of clocking the vector but its fine for me so far so i haven't bothered ;P


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      I think that's about how the vector cannot send out so much power? Maybe its best to use a powered usb hub?