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  • Reset?

    I am confused by Reset.

    On the panel, there is "Reset" written in black background next to "Prev" button... following by the rest of the conventions used on the UI, Shift+Prev should reset the sequence... I think? But that does nothing. So, I am confused.

    The Reset jack. I set the source as EXT in Globals under "ROUTE", and when I send triggers to it, again nothing happens.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Or am I misunderstanding the reset function altogether?

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    I believe reset and sync are "coming soon".


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      If you keep shift-prev pressed till the end of the bar, everything resets. At least, it does in 1.9.36. Not sure about earlier versions.


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        Hi there.

        As mentionned in "VectorUserGuideV2.pdf", it is implemented for CR/1, Cr/1, CR/4 and Cr/4.
        For the other sync modes, like RC24, it's not explicite.

        From my experience (firmware 1.9.36), the RESET input is not functional in RC24 even if you set the source as EXT in Globals under "ROUTE".

        That would be very useful to have...


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          Thanks for the replies! I’ll try holding Shift+Prev longer. I was expecting the result to be immediate, but thinking about it, syncing it to the bar makes more sense. Now if we could actually define bars to be something other than 4/4 that would be great.

          Since I am using RC48 to sync PNW to the Vector, not sure I can use the other modes for the external reset. I’ll try it out.

          Thank you!