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Meso Polyrhythms - Run jack behaviours

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  • Meso Polyrhythms - Run jack behaviours

    Hey Everyone,

    I tried to emulate this patch the MN team captured on YouTube with their Rene sequencer -

    This got me curious about how to replicate the patch using Vector. The main challenge I can see after testing is how the run jack responds on Vector. Now, this could quite easily be my own shortcomings as a new Vector user (Or being very tired, ha!) but any kind of division signal I send into Vector seems to have no difference to Vector stopping and starting. For instance, If I send a trigger in from any of my dividers or other sequencers at a division/multiple of the master clock in my system it has no effect on Vector's run jack. Vector simply only wants to run when the clock is signal is received.

    My control settings are on CR/1. Should I perhaps be on something else or sending a different signal that Vector's run may better understand. I have nothing into the Reset to not confuse any behavior.

    In summary, Run on Vector is not responding to stop/start/continue signals.

    Pretty great patch to pull off with Vector if we can find a route