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Vector Firmware 1.4.3 BETA

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  • Vector Firmware 1.4.3 BETA

    This one needs a bit more testing, so I'm going to call it beta, but I know several folks are keen to get these fixes. More coming soon.



    CC Out: fixed CC Out gen issues for Chord and Drum parts.

    Fixed glide issues with Acid02 and Acid04 generator algorithms.

    Invert: fixed an issue where the last step would not be inverted.

    Chance Ops: fixed an issue w/ Pitch Down by 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 semitones.

    Seq Mod: Fixed an issue with start step modulation

    SD Card : Internal error handling tweaks.

    Vector Sequencer Firmware Update Instructions

    • Download and un-zip the Vector firmware file (
    • Press and hold the Shift button while powering up the Vector to enter USB Disk mode.
    • Use a USB ‘A to B’ cable to connect the Vector to your computer. After a few seconds,
    the SD Card for the Vector will show up as a new disk.
    • Unzip On a Mac, the Finder may do that for you. Do not double-click on VECTOR.BIN,
    which the Finder will try to de-compress into something not useful.
    • Make sure the filename is exactly VECTOR.BIN, and copy it to the root directory of Vector’s SD Card – Delete
    or move any previous VECTOR.BIN firmware files.
    • Now is also a good time to backup your Vector's PROJECT directory.
    • Unmount/Eject the Vector’s SD Card from your computer, and power off your eurorack system.
    • Hold down the Rec button on the Vector while powering up your system.
    • Press Next to load the new Firmware, which takes about 20 seconds.
    • Verify the Firmware is the correct version in Globals -- first page, 2nd OLED, top-left corner.