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  • Help with Step Lengths

    I'm struggling a bit with the step lengths and wonder if anyone here can help unravel them for me.

    I'm working in 4/4 time so with that in mind I'm assuming that overall steps need to add up to multiples of 4 to keep everything in time.

    For example, these would be good:

    1 1 1 1 (4)
    1 3 1 3 (8)
    2 1 4 1 (8)
    1.5 1.5 3 2 (8)
    1/4 3/4 3 4 (8)

    But when I start using timings like those at the bottom the patterns start to go out of sync.

    I also find it slightly weird that there are no qtr / half / 3qtr values for anything above 1.5.

    And finally I struggle to understand values like 3/8 - what is that? And what is the opposite of that to bring things back in sync? Sorry, I work much better with decimals.

    In general, I love the feature but am finding it hard to use/grasp.

    Any tips?
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    I really struggle with this myself, especially when using scenes/parts where I need specific parts to come in on exactly the correct bar, it becomes very difficult to get it right when using lots of different length steps.

    I think it's great that we have all these various step lengths, but it's such a mess in practice and kills my creativity. I kind of wish that a bar would stay a bar no matter what combination of step lengths are used within that bar, like maybe it can auto-adjust or something. I don't know, but it could use looking at IMO to make it easier/intuitive to use.


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      I haven't noticed sequences going out of sync, when using step lengths this way but then, I tend to use the auto reset function to force sequences reset at a specific point (4th encoder on the Control page). Try setting 'Reset' to 2 or 4 and then check if the sequence stays in sync that way.

      I really enjoy using the variable step lengths and repeats to get sequences which I might not stumble upon when doing x0x style sequencing. It reminds me of working with my old E-MU XL-7 (which I loved).
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        Nice tip with the reset, will definitely use that.