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Disk Mode - Not showing up on Mac Book Pro

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  • Disk Mode - Not showing up on Mac Book Pro

    Hello, new Vector owner here. I need to update to the latest firmware, after I realized transpose by external source is broken in the version installed.

    Anyway, I've put it in disk mode (the icon is on the right screen), and connected it to my macbook pro, both with a usb-c hub and a mini usb-c adapter, and with two different usb cables. However, I can't seem to get the disk to show up.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hey silly question but are you holding down shift while powering the unit?

    Has it ever worked for you or is this first time?

    Can you try another host computer?


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      Something I've seen with USB C adapters is that they don't always notify the host computer correctly when plugged in -- I have to unplug the 'normal' USB Cable (at the A plug side) and then plug it back in.

      Also, as Steve noted, make sure you're in disk mode. Hold down the Shift key while powering on the Vector, both OLED should say "USB DISK MODE" in big letters.