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Expert Sleepers Silent Ways and Vector - timing issue

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  • Expert Sleepers Silent Ways and Vector - timing issue

    Hey all. I have an issue with timing on the Vector using Silent Ways.

    The test below are using SW SYNC and my MOTU (624, 8pre and 828es all tried) to the CLOCK and RUN IN on two difference Eurorack devices. Circadian Rhythms and Vector. And triggering a drum hit in both cases.

    On the Circadian the recordings fit the grid perfectly.

    If I run the same test using the Vector I find that with standard settings the triggers are late. If I click the 1st DELAY option in SW SYNC it is slightly improved but still late.

    I have worked with this using 3x different Motu interfaces and various sets of cables. I am currently using the Expert Sleepers cables sold as fit for purpose.

    Given my timing is solid with the Circadian Rhythms I believe my process is overall correct. Is anyone here using SW SYNC and getting the Vector to be SOLID on the grid in your daw?

    Other info - Clean install of Cubase 10, latest version of Silent Ways, 1.0.16 on the Vector but was also apparent on prior versions from 08 onwards.

    Thanks, and see attachments for visual references.

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    Well I just downloaded SW SYNC v2.8 (newest) and no change with the settings I had already tried. However, if I run OFFSET at 15 there is a great improvement when 1st DELAY is ticked. See attachments.

    It is interesting that the Vector seems to require offset configured, but the Circadian does not. Still, this timing is far more usable than it was.

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