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CC Message Issue via USB

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  • CC Message Issue via USB

    Hello Five12!

    Today I tested my USB MIDI outs (a & b) on the vector and noticed that the CC lanes weren’t being passed through. I tested a few USB MIDI capable synths and none responded to the CC information from the Vector via USB. A couple of synths even had the specific CC numbers I had chosen freeze, in that those CC functions stopped working entirely on that synth, even if I adjusted the synth by hand. For example I was using CC 30 and the equivalent function on the corresponding synth simply stopped responding (it worked again once the vector was disconnected).

    I’ve set the CC lanes up correctly (I think). I selected their numbers then adjusted each step on the CC Lane pages behind the Velocity page.

    pitch, gate & velocity all work perfectly out of the USB MIDI outs.

    The TRS to MIDI outs send the CC messages fine, no problems here.

    Is there something I’m failing to do on a Global settings front or is this a potential fault???