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Vector 2.1.x beta firmware

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  • Vector 2.1.x beta firmware

    As Always: This firmware is not fully tested yet. Do not use for live gigs. We know who you are...

    See the .zip file for Release Notes. The big news here is the Arpeggiator mode (two of them actually).
    There's no proper doc yet, refer to the July Deep Dive Video for an intro:
    We will also cover it again in the September Deep Dive.

    Updates for Version 2.1.23:
    - ARPI/ARPP : Fixed some issues with keyboards that use running status.
    - RT-G: Fixed a stuttering issue when recording notes that are quantized.
    - REC THRU: All rec THRU modes now quantize incoming pitches to the scale selected for that Part.
    - REC THRU: Fixes a stuck note issue with Chord Parts.



    Chrome Users: Try using a different browser for this download.
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    Hi! First of all, I love the Vector and its constant development of new features. Thanks for this wonderful device!

    The new Arp function was too appealing to wait for official release, so I tried this beta. But I think I found a bug. My Vector is slaved to the clock of Pamela's Workout with DIN sync (Pamela's expander DIN Out to Vector's J-Expander SYNC In). I forward the clock from Vector's J-EXP to non-modular stuff like a drummachine (J-EXP MIDI Out to MIDI IN non-modular stuff).
    In this beta firmware, the forwarded clock coming out of the J-EXP is around 1,5 times faster than the master clock? (tried within a range of 110 to 160 BPM). Weirrrd.

    I reverted back to official 2.0 firmware for now, which brought back a synced clock signal out of the J-EXP.

    Can you look into this? If additional investigation on my side will help, let me know.



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      Hi dikke, I'll have a look. Do me a favor and send me a quick email so I can let you know when I have a fix ready for test: [email protected]


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        Love the new firmware, having a small issue. Vector is sync'd to MIDI clock (Logic Pro) via J-EXP MIDI. When I stop Logic/MIDI - the green light stays on, and the sequence continues to play very slowly. If I re-start the Logic/MIDI clock, then Vector stops. (Even though MIDI clock is still running) - So, I have to do a sort of double-clutch to stop the thing.
        Otherwise, the free gate is super fun, thanks again for all the work.


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          I'll have a look!


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            Hi, when I use the arp mode, notes are not played while I hold down the keys (virtual or midi keyboard), but notes are registered as changing and if Latch is engaged, when I release the keys gates are then sent out to my modular voice.


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              Hi Jim. I was trying to use the new PC stuff on a drum track, it seemed to be working, but only the first "voice" on the drum track was being sent via midi. Not sure what was happening. reverting back to both the older firmware and a project started in the older firmware fixed it