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Vector 2.0.X Firmware Updates

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  • Vector 2.0.X Firmware Updates

    A few fixes to start off post-2.0 updates. Don't panic if a bug fix you've reported isn't in yet,
    there's more coming. Also note: the download format has changed a touch -- the VECTOR.BIN
    file is now part of a folder that includes the release notes and update instructions.


    - REC TRANS: you can now use the onboard keyboard (VKBD) to transpose all Parts that are set to REC TRANS VKBD.
    - Restored Length as a SubSeq modulation target
    - Fixed some min/max value issues with sub sequence parameter targets.
    - Auto-Advance for CHORD STEP REC is back on.
    - Fixed some drawing errors with the LEN: readout on the SEQ CTL page.

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    The 2.0.6 download seems to have stopped working.


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      Originally posted by sps View Post
      The 2.0.6 download seems to have stopped working.
      If you're using Chrome, you have to right click and "Save As". Then in the download bar at the bottom, click the arrow and click "Keep". Chrome will no longer download files from non HTTPS servers.