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Drive Oscillators with V/Oct Input 0-5V.

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  • Drive Oscillators with V/Oct Input 0-5V.

    Maybe simple question, I have a couple of oscillators that are only accepting 0-5V at their V/Oct Input. -Actually most of them.
    It seems like the Vector is outputting also negative voltages for Pitch. (Is it -3...+7V??). So voltage below zero have no effect.
    How can I offset this output, I cannot find anything in the manual.
    Sure I can use the transpose of the track and shift some octaves up, but the i cannibalise this function.

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    You can set the octave in the Part's Control page (press Control button). Unfortunately this setting doesn't persist between Clears.

    If your osc only accepts 5 octaves and Vector outputs 10 then you are always going to have 5 octaves wasted. I have some that are 0-5 as well and I just make sure to sequence in their range.


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      Thanks, but this is what I would like to avoid... I don't like to think of how many cords I still have. I thought there is a set up to "limit" the range of the track so it will fir to the target.
      Maybe I'll try to request a feature for that