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Vector Firmware 1.4.14

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  • Vector Firmware 1.4.14

    This update includes an important fix related to external sync, fixes for Run/Clock/Reset output modes, and a few other items.




    - Fixed a quantization issue in Pentatonic Minor scale.

    - Fixed an issue where the Vector would sometimes not start from external sync.

    - Fixed a calculation error related to the RESET param.

    - Fixed an issue that prevented the Run, Clock & Reset jacks from outputing Step, Gate and Reset

    signals from individual Parts.


    • Download and un-zip the Vector firmware file (

    • Press and hold the Shift button while powering up the Vector to enter USB Disk mode.

    • Use a USB ‘A to B’ cable to connect the Vector to your computer. After a few seconds, the SD Card for the Vector will show up as a new disk.

    • Unzip On a Mac, the Finder may do that for you. Do not double-click on VECTOR.BIN, which the Finder will try to de-compress into something not useful.

    • Make sure the filename is exactly VECTOR.BIN, and copy it to the root directory of Vector’s SD Card – Delete or move any previous VECTOR.BIN firmware files.

    • Now is also a good time to backup your Vector's PROJECT directory.

    • Unmount/Eject the Vector’s SD Card from your computer, and power off your eurorack system.

    • Hold down the Rec button on the Vector while powering up your system.

    • Press NEXT to load the new Firmware, which takes about 20 seconds.

    • Verify the Firmware is the correct version in Globals -- first page, 2nd OLED, top-left corner.

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    Hi Jim, Would it be possible to name the manual with the version of the firmware for which it is intended? Else I find it tricky to differentiate which is which (across different devices that I have it stored on.)


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      The main link does include the firmware version:
      ... I did update the old link as well, there were some older links online that were referring to it.