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Vector Firmware 1.4.9

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  • Vector Firmware 1.4.9

    This FW has some useful updates to scale quantization routines -- in particular the system now behaves
    much better when you are changing keys and scales on a pattern. There is also a fix related to MIDI
    sync w/ Ableton. (General tip w/ Ableton and sync: Use 'Pattern' mode).




    - Fixes a problem where PART+WhiteKey would override the current Edit mode.
    - Fixes a scale quantization bug in certain keys/modes that would cause problems when editing pitch values.
    - Fixes an issue w/ USB sync to a computer.


    • Download and un-zip the Vector firmware file (

    • Press and hold the Shift button while powering up the Vector to enter USB Disk mode.

    • Use a USB ‘A to B’ cable to connect the Vector to your computer. After a few seconds, the SD Card for the Vector will show up as a new disk.

    • Unzip On a Mac, the Finder may do that for you. Do not double-click on VECTOR.BIN, which the Finder will try to de-compress into something not useful.

    • Make sure the filename is exactly VECTOR.BIN, and copy it to the root directory of Vector’s SD Card – Delete or move any previous VECTOR.BIN firmware files.

    • Now is also a good time to backup your Vector's PROJECT directory.

    • Unmount/Eject the Vector’s SD Card from your computer, and power off your eurorack system.

    • Hold down the Rec button on the Vector while powering up your system.

    • Press NEXT to load the new Firmware, which takes about 20 seconds.

    • Verify the Firmware is the correct version in Globals -- first page, 2nd OLED, top-left corner.
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    Thanks Jim! It's so awesome to see these useful updates coming so regularly.


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      Hi Jim, Is there now a way (I might have missed it) to progress a modulation track based on pattern lengths or n number of whole notes rather than being constrained to 1,2,4,8,16 or 32 whole notes which don't sync up with say a 6 note pattern? I know I posted this question a long time ago probably on the feature requests but haven't been back to check. I've just updated to 1.4.9. Thanks.


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        You can set the length of the sub-sequence, which helps for simple cases (6 note main patterns). I recommend putting in a feature request for more options, say external reset/step trigger, or allow one mod seq to modulate the other. Describing in detail the musical situation helps me chose the most economical solution.



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          I've just updated to 1.4.9 and was hoping it would fix an issue I'd noticed, in that if I play notes in via the built in keyboard or a USB MIDI keyboard, with a scale of D minor, notes I play are transposed, so if I play D I get E, although it works in C minor