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using Vector as a voltage sequencer with slew?

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  • using Vector as a voltage sequencer with slew?

    It looks like the best way to use the Vector as a voltage sequencer right now is simply to use the pitch outs and then if I want to slew from one to the next, I can slew them from the secondary pitch menu. Awhile back, Jim, you had mentioned giving the velocity outs finer gradations. Has that happened in one fo the updates? I don't see a unified version history, so I don't know if that's already happened and I just missed it.

    And are there other ways now (or planned) to have more voltage sequencer functionality? Plain old voltage numbers would be helpful in the windows--for comparison, the Xaoc Zadar "level" control does this and it's awesome because I can have a precise sense of the levels going out of it. Useful since some Euro modules want a 10v range and some want a 5v range.

    Thanks for such an awesome sequencer, as always, Jim!

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    I would be also very interested by this feature.


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      I guess this should have been in feature requests! Sorry and feel free to move (but it's more "has some of this already been implemented"?


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        Great suggestion. Zadar-like numbers for CV values would be excellent!


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          So a couple things coming in the next big release:

          Alternate tuning support will include some voltage-based tunings: -3 to +7 volts (the full Pitch CV range), 0 to 5 volts (unipolar), and -3 to +3 volts (bipolar), with display readouts as voltage values.

          Velocity will be tweaked to allow finer gradations of editing, still using the existing 'bar' display. I haven't done anything yet in terms of a numeric display there, but I suppose that is a possibility.

          Something else I have wanted to do for a while, but haven't quite gotten to yet, is to add a 'linear CV' mode to the Sub Seqs. You can already output the sub-sequencers to a velocity output, so adding a linear output mode to the sub-seqs would add some very interesting options.



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            Linear CV would be great. And if the pitch voltages could be edited by small increments, that would work fine for my needs...