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  • Pitch Calibration

    Hi. My vector sequencer seems to be about +0.03 volts out. Is there a way to calibrate the voltage output?

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    User errror! as it is 95% f the time. haha. Jim set me on the right path. Thanks Jim


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      For anyone who wandered over to this thread: As handy as oscilloscope modules are, they are not accurate enough to measure voltages used for pitch. For that you need a good external multi-meter, such as a Fluke. I use a very accurate bench meter here (Siglent SDM3055) which is accurate to more than 5 digits. A friendly shout-out to wubz for bringing up the issue. Tuning in modular synths is indeed a tricky business. If anyone has trouble getting their system in tune, give me a ping.



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        Dear Jim

        (firstly I love the Vector!)

        I am having problems with pitch over CV while in part 5 set as cords.

        When I use the REC mode THUR the correct CV pitch data is transmitted.

        When I play the Part the CV data is different, and causes my piston honda MK3 to be out of tune.

        This is not so in Parts 1 and 2 where the CV pitch data is the same when in RED mode and playing the part.

        I think this is a glitch!

        I just updated to the newest firmware hoping this would help, but it didn't.

        Thanks so much!