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Vector : FEATURE REQUESTS (Orig Thread)

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  • Vector : FEATURE REQUESTS (Orig Thread)

    Post your feature requests for the Vector here!


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    I would love to see Numerology’s live recording mode


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      My goodness: how can you read minds with such precision?! As I made my morning coffee I was asking myself whether it was too early to send feature requests for the Vector. (True story!)

      1 - Add a new target PARAM for SUB-SEQ 1&2, so the sub-sequences can modify another Part's Velocity. I use Velocity outputs aplenty as CV sources across my rig and would love to use the sub-sequencers to modify the output. (If there's already a way to do so, please let me know.)

      2 - *FIXED in 1.0.7 (Allow REC:THRU to send its signals without the transport running.)

      3 - Add a way to delete a PROJ from the LOAD PROJECT (Shift+Global) page. It seems the only ways to delete a project at the moment are: overwrite a new project using the same name as an existing one, or mount the SD card from a computer and delete the source files.

      Those are three off the top of my head. Still having a blast. It has completely changed how I work with my system to the point where I've booked my first gig at a local electronic open-mike night.

      Thank you!

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        I only just got started with the Vector yesterday, but here goes! Two feature ideas I’d like to see added to the Vector:

        1 - Transpose destination from CV input.

        2 - Master/slave parts, slaved parts play the same step position as master, including chance jump to step operations, but also direction, starting step, step length etc. Preferably with the option to turn this behavior on/off per part.

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          Just got my vector sequencer in today and already I am loving it!

          Here are a few ideas, I'm sure I will have more once I've spent more time with it!

          Scale masks, rotatable via CV (similar to the OC quantizers)
          Diatonic scale transposition
          The ability for gates and pitches to have different loop lengths
          The ability to load scala files


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            Very early hours here, blown away to be honest and it’s only arrived today. A couple of early thoughts. New in, I might be missing something, also I have no idea if these are possible or even if they fit your vision of the module and it’s UI.

            - More ext modulation sources, e.g. other parts, or midi ins. Could we set Mod Ext SRC to a midi input’s CC, note value, or a specific key?
            - Could we use parts for midi-cv duties without record and run being engaged? (suggest to implement a Part Type ‘thru’ in global settings, and allow a midi input and channel to be selected for each part somewhere). Envisaging getting rid of one of my my separate midi-cv modules if this was possible.
            - Part Type ‘LFO’
            - could numerical chord degree and inversion indication be possible in Chord mode? E.g. I, II, III etc.
            - Could we have the arp modes from Numerology Chordseq for Chord parts? (this is one thing I would really love to have in Vector).
            - Could gate or velocity outputs be configured to output envelopes by any chance?
            - CV control of scale
            - Use J-Trigs as modulation (suggest extra mod page 'MOD TRIGS' allowing J-Trigs set to EXT to be used to transpose, Reverse, Gen, Evo, etc)

            One small bug report:
            - when select is used in repeat page, turning the 9th encoder jumps all selected values to 8X immediately and won’t turn them back down. [v1.07]

            Like I say.... amazing module, well done on getting this to us and thanks for all your work on what is a very inspiring sequencer.

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              a few more feature requests...

              BTW, Jim, would you prefer that each feature request have its own post or is it ok to aggregate them? What makes it easier for you?

              I spent the weekend with Vector working on a set for my first Modular on the Spot performance next month and it is really, really lovely! I am very much enjoying the scene mode for jamming live. I'm sure that I will continue to think of more ideas, but you've done an amazing job with this sequencer so far - I have gone through loads of sequencers trying to find the right one, and I feel like the Vector is the first sequencer that has made my modular feel like a full-on performance instrument!

              Soooooo, more feature requests!

              The ability to queue up a key change, similar to the ADDAC intuitive quantizer - you can turn the knob to set a new key, but it doesn't take effect until you press a button - would be nice instead of having to try to quickly turn the knob in the global screen to hit a key change that is a 5th away

              When using external midi device to add notes, also read velocity and gate from the device

              The ability to add accidentals if you're running in a quantized scale mode.

              stackable chance operators with individual probabilities - this could be a lot of fun for probabilistic melodies without giving up both sub-sequencers for transposition.

              an optional barebones "drum sequencer" mode that could sequence multiple trigger outs - it seems a shame to take up 4 voices to sequence triggers. Maybe this isn't possible but it would be great if you had the ability to optionally toggle one "voice" into a multiple trigger out sequencer for those of us with the j-expanders!

              For using the sub-sequencer to modify sequence speed, it would be nice for the musical subdivisions to appear in the sequencer, right now, it's like 3-23 or some numeric range, I'm not in front of the sequencer at the moment. Also, I noticed that if the sequencer is running and I turn the knob for subdivisions in the sequence parameter view back and forth, it can cause the sequence to become off in that (say toggling from 16th to dotted and back), the 16th notes are now on the offbeat instead of downbeat
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                Loving the Vector so far! A few requests:

                1. Holding SHIFT when changing a sequence length in order to change in 8-step increments

                2. Is there a way to have a random # of ratchets (up the a max #), as opposed to a random percentage of a specified amount of ratchets (2, 3 or 4)? So, if set to "////", it would ratchet 1, 2 3, OR 4x

                3. Mod Target = Octave Range (à la Metropolis) or Chance Op Octave Up OR Down (as opposed to specifically one or the other)

                4. It seems like adjusting Trigger + Clock rates moves in the opposite direction from adjusting Sequence rates (?)

                Trigger + Clock: turning encoder CW = Slower (16th, 8th, Qtr, Half, W etc.), while
                Sequence Rate: turning encoder CW = Faster (WHL, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc.)

                Seems counterintuitive to me, and I can never remember which way is which, and have to turn it in order to figure it out for each

                5. In addition to using the select function to edit multiple selected steps @ the same time, would it be possible to add a Slope Edit function, whereby pressing the encoder for one step and then turning the encoder for another would linearly adjust the values in between?


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                  Already bounced a few things off Jim, I know some of these have been mentioned already-

                  Stacked chance ops per step

                  Wraparound the previous and next buttons (so if you are looking at steps 57-64, next takes you back to 1-8)

                  Transpose as a target of Mod1 and 2


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                    Oh, uno mas (who am I kidding, I have a bunch of ideas...)

                    Reorder the chance ops pages, so first you select type, then probability. Makes more sense to me to do it that way.


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                      How about an option for the display to follow the steps (so when you have sequence longer than 8 steps, it automatically will show what is actually playing)?


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                        Sorry, one more. For the sub sequencers, there are triplets and dotted available for the shorter divisions, but in the other direction, there are only even amounts. Could those be added?


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                          copy/paste between presets

                          It would be nice to be able to copy/paste between presets


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                            Originally posted by giftculture View Post
                            It would be nice to be able to copy/paste between presets
                            and also, for scenes, a way to select "no preset" (ie muted) for a specific part, or at least, for a scene to remember mute status
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                              Originally posted by giftculture View Post
                              and also, for scenes, a way to select "no preset" (ie muted) for a specific part, or at least, for a scene to remember mute status
                              I second this. I thought maybe that little "--" preset was a part mute at first. The scene page is definitely where I spend the bulk of my time during performance. I've been building part mutes as specific presets, but it feels like there could be a more efficient way to do this.