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Subsequencer step triggers

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  • Subsequencer step triggers

    Currently the subsequencers advance at fixed rates, and all the longer values available are powers of two (all of which gets in the way of simple tasks like transposing after n iterations of the main sequence). I'd like to suggest allowing subsequencer step advance to be triggered rather than merely clocked.

    For the sake of flexibility and conceptual simplicity, I'd suggest that any of the triggers available at the expander trigger outs be allowed (and that this list be expanded to include end of free gate cycle, when free gate mode arrives), plus external triggers T1–T6, and perhaps (for subseq 2 only) subseq 1 end-of-cycle.
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    Yes please! I wonder if there will be an order of operation problem, though, so that if the main sequencer and the subsequence are clocked simultaneously, the state change on the subsequence is still applied to the main sequence’s note, rather than waiting until the next note.


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      Yes, I agree that an implementation that behaves “naturally” is not going to be quite as trivial as the request makes it sound! There's probably some buffering and synchronisation required. But I think it's already the case that the subsequence can be clocked faster than the main sequence, so mid-note modulation can be requested?