I would *love* it if the vector had a leader/follower
mode where a second vector could sync up with a primary vector and a scene trigger on the leader would also trigger the corresponding scene on the follower.

This would allow me to have one vector dedicated to percussion, drums, and sample triggering in one case (with all the percussion and drum modules), and one vector dedicated to melodies, harmonies, and baselines in a second case (driving the sinfonion, my e370, 2x plonks, plaits, etc..

The use case I have for this is using either the doepfer network cable/RJ45 case interconnects or the HDMI solutions so that I can gig with two cases and two vectors, but being able to leave everything prepatched save for the interconnects, giving me max flexibility for a wide variety of percussion synthesis, textures, samples, aling with full use of one vector for percussion and drum programming (many parts and scenes and generative/probabilistic goodness) and another full vector for all the harmonic and melodic voices in the other case