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Transposition / visualization of transposed sequence pitches

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  • Transposition / visualization of transposed sequence pitches

    I've just been experimenting with using the launchpad with the vector to transpose sequences . Two thoughts
    1. It would be wonderful to have the option to visualize the pitches of the transposed sequence. For instance if Im in C chromatic mode with a 3 step sequence (C E G) and I transpose up one semitone and save that to a new preset. Both parts seemingly show ( C E G ) on the screen under the pitch tab but on the transposed sequence I'd actually be hearing ( C# F G#) and would need to recall that I had transposed that particular preset up one semi tone.
    2. It would be great to be able to quickly save all playing parts to an empty preset ( or even a scene) with one command . This could potentially mirror Ableton's "Capture and insert scene" function. It could potentially be a really powerful compositional tool to have multiple parts playing and in real time transpose them all ( from launch pad or virtual keyboard) and then commit the transposed parts to empty preset slots or even the next available scene.

    Just some initial ideas. Loving the new update and excited to explore more of the launchpad integration.
    Thanks for your consideration

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    What a great suggestion.