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  • Accumulator Lane?

    I'm almost surprised no one has posted this yet, but after watching Loopop's video on Metropolix, I have to agree, it could be really neat to have something like Metropolix's accumulator track on Vector.

    (That said, even after watching that demo, I have almost zero desire to go out and buy a Metropolix. Vector is one awesome sequencer.)

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    (I think it’s important to document the idea in some detail.)

    The Metropolix “Accumulator” is activated on zero or more stages in a sequence.

    Each sequence has two sequence-wide accumulator parameters: upper limit and lower limit.

    Each stage either has an accumulator active or inactive; when active, the assigned pitch is cached and two stage-specific parameters govern its automatic transposition: amount and trigger.

    Any time a stage is active whose accumulator is active, the pitch is incremented/decremented by amount; depending on the trigger setting, ratchets and repeats for the same stage may or may not each increment/decrement the pitch. If the pitch reaches an upper or lower limit, it stops incrementing/decrementing.

    Cached assigned pitches are restored when the sequence is reset.


    While the Metropopolix feature is one way of producing a result, and their approach probably has its particular nuances, the question remains open whether comparable (if not identical) results could be achieved using Vector’s subsequencers, chance events, or other features, either now, or with some minor augmentation. This general concept also may overlap with the requests for stage arpeggios.


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      i also thought the accumulator was probably the coolest feature of the metropolix. would love to see something like it in the vector!


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        Originally posted by mdoudoroff View Post
        (I think it’s important to document the idea in some detail.)
        Indeed, thanks!

        I agree there are likely different ways to get at a similar effect. (Would require some experimentation, ideally with a Metropolix side-by-side if anyone ends up in that position, to get a feel for how the feature is most useful in practice.) The thing that most interests me about the accumulator actually isn't strictly even its use for pitch, but the idea of having some small degree of statefulness to select steps. I could see the idea applying to velocity or mod lanes as well.

        There's definitely some overlap with the requested stage arpeggio feature.
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          I did spend some time with the Metropolix and the accumulatior is absolutely incredible.
          For what it’s worth, the Metropolix isn’t the first SQ with accumulation features. The Cirklon has Accumulators as well. And iirc there was a SQ that even predates the Cirklon that had a similar feature.
          the idea has been around for quite a while, so it’d be totally legit to implement in the vector in some form imo