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  • Sequence RESET options

    Sequence RESET options for interesting POLYMETER.

    The RESET parameter on the SEQ CTL page currently "sets the sequence to reset automatically, every n beats...".

    That would be VERY useful and powerful to have an option based on notes instead of beats.
    With this option, that would "sets the sequence to reset automatically, every n notes..."

    That would greatly ease the process of building polymetric sequences based on simple repeating musical phrases.

    For instance: a
    sequence made of 4 16th notes (C D E F) with a RESET of 11 would play [C D E F] [C D E F] [C D E] and reset.
    It's currently not possible to do that with the Vector.

    That would make it very easy to compose and modify polymeter without having to painstakingly copying each note when the whole thing is actually based on repetition.

    Complementary feature:
    being able to modulate the RESET and LENGTH parameter with the Sub Sequencers
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