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  • More Euclidean programming options

    This is something I would like to have as well as others. I'm not sure yet if it shows up as a 'GEN' op or something else yet. Comments welcome!


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    Seems like you’ve already got sequence length and shift-L/shift-R covered. All that’s missing is the ability to dial in density (i.e., the number of gates between 0 and the sequence length).


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      But can shift+L / shift+R only modify the gate values when performed within the gate page? Or does it also operate on the sequential indices of the pitch values? It would be nice if only the gate values could be shifted left/right, especially when refining a pattern produced by ECLG, because in my view Euclidean rhythms are not just for pitch-static parts (e.g., percussive voices). They are musically useful to combine with pitch sequences, provided that you can separate your pitch and gate control sufficiently (which is the norm in Eurorack).

      In any case, I think it would be pretty sensible to have a "EUC DEN" parameter on the 2nd Sequence Control page, whose value is greyed out when the GEN algorithm is anything besides ECLG. Then when GEN (assigned to ECLG) is engaged, it would apply a new Euclidean pattern to the gate values whose density is determined by EUC DEN.

      I could also imagine a EUC ROT (for rotation / offset) parameter on that 2nd page, also greyed out when ECLG is not in use. The upshot of that being that eventually it might make sense to make the density and rotate parameters targets for subsequencers or external modulation.

      But this is admittedly a bit of an unusual workflow for Euclidean rhythm generation, where -- typically -- adjusting a parameter such as density instantly changes the gate pattern, as opposed to requiring another momentary latch action. I suppose that, if a density parameter gets added anywhere in the UI, it could trigger a new ECLG GEN action whenever the parameter changes. But if this would cause the pattern's offsets to be randomized, it might feel unwieldy to control. I have always felt a little unsure about whether ECLG belongs in GEN, since more than half the fun of Euclidean is having more deterministic control over the generated pattern.
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        The more I look at it, I’m not seeing any elegant way to integrate Euclidean gate distribution in Vector. In so many ways, the underlying concepts seem at odds.

        That said, if there is a compelling way to go about it, I wanted to point out that the per stage groove control may create the possibility of distributing gates through a continuum from fully quantized temporally (Euclidean) to equally-distributed.


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          Yeah I am still using my Euclidean Circles module and it works a treat. There are plenty of Euclidean options around, even the Disting has a decent one (that, unlike the Euclidean Circles) can be modulated which is pretty neat.


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            It seems that currently with drum parts, you are unable to have drum parts of different lengths. Because of this, I would propose that Ecld Drum be a new type of Part (in addition to Chord and Drum). The interface for MIDI Drum Map (under the Control Menu) would seem well suited - dial 1 selects the part, dial 2-4 would select the parameters. I think keeping the triggers on the Pitch screen could still be useful so that you could adjust velocities (though a new way of showing the Euclidean rhythms rendered on the Pitch page would be needed. Perhaps the Gate view could be replaced with the interface similar to the Drum Map but for the parameters. If we are talking about adding this type of mode, it would also be an amazing opportunity to make the Euclidean parameters targets for modulation, sub modulation, and chance.