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  • Arpeggiator

    I posted this on the Facebook group and Steve Turner suggested I join this group and post it here as a feature request, so here it is. It would be nice to have some sort of arpeggiator capability on the sequencer.

    someone else mentioned this would be a cool implementation:

    Steve Turner a cool implementation would be, assigning an out to an arp.

    Arp mods in control page

    Follow key of chosen part...

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    Seems to me that the existing sequencer is already a fantastically powerful arpeggiator, no? What, exactly, is missing?


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      Well, It's true you can create your own arpeggio manually, much like you can create any sequence manually? In that sense, why have an evolve shift function, or a generate shift function?
      Is that what you are getting to? Why not also add an arpeggiator algorithm? or maybe a way to add arpeggiation per step, like ratchet but with 2-4 different notes within that ratchet?

      I don't know, I am just throwing ideas at the wall. Most people in Vector Facebook users group were down with the idea.