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Copy+paste for steps, multiple destinations per part, CV delay​​​​​​​...

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  • Copy+paste for steps, multiple destinations per part, CV delay​​​​​​​...

    As a Numerology user for 4 years I'm very happy with the Vector overall. Just a few requests
    1. I think it would be very nice if there were a way to copy the parameter value of a step (or the parameter values of a group of steps that are Selected) and paste it (them) to other locations. It's a pretty essential workflow efficiency thing for me on any sequencer. Hopefully, if implemented, this would have a quick and intuitive button combination logic (e.g., Cue+White Key(s) to copy => Edit+White Key(s) to paste). I personally find Shift+Select+White Key to copy a preset and Shift+Skip+White Key to paste a preset a bit heavier on finger yoga than it should have to be, and I don't see why "Shift+Skip" is the most semantically intuitive combination for "paste", given other named button options...
    2. It could be useful to have adjustable latency (fine resolution, ranging from 0 milliseconds to maybe something like 20 milliseconds) for the CV outputs. If you're using the Vector to sequence both (a) hardware via CV and (b) hardware via MIDI (or, even worse, VSTs via USB-MIDI!), you'll find it the case that your CV events arrive before your MIDI events. Being able to delay the CV events would allow perfect synchronization of these different sequencing paths.
    3. I hope that it will eventually be possible to load in more than 2 Midi Tuning Standard files. MTS files will be my workaround for sequencing in a few of the scales I like to write in, which are not included in the factory scales, and I would prefer not to be limited to only 2 of those options at a time.
    [Redacted suggestions about note displays and routing parts to multiple destinations : was due to my misunderstanding and not keeping up with the beta firmware discussions.]

    I also would like to +1 a few feature requests that I've seen before:
    1. Showing all step-specific parameters when a step is held down, and allowing all the encoders to control those multiple parameters per-step
    2. Chance Op modifiers that are based on the true/false state of the previous Chance Op, or of another Part's previous Chance Op
    3. Keeping the original relative indices of steps' parameter values when you sweep Encoder 9 to the min or max value, so they don't get destructively clipped
    4. More voicings for the chords, particularly inversions. More parity, in general, with Numerology's ChordSeq
    5. MIDI CCs as a destination for Sub-Sequencers : this would allow us to hack different sequence lengths for MIDI CC sequences on the same part, and it would be a pretty logical extension of the Vector, given that MIDI CCs are already sequenced from a sub-page of Velocity

    Thank you, Jim, for always listening and for your always-elegant implementations of the most powerful sequencing tools!
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    I would also really like to see, as Jim has mentioned, a "latching" option for MIDI Thru on the Rec page, or, even better, permanent MIDI Thru routing(s) that can be set perhaps through Globals. Ideally, this would be able to send all MIDI (not just note events) through, like a true Thru.

    (I like to send MIDI CCs to my MIDI/CV interface via a MIDI controller, and I also want to send MIDI to the MIDI/CV module from Vector. Really hope that one day Vector could send it its own sequenced MIDI + pass through the MIDI CCs it's sent via USB A when I'm on any page.)