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  • Step repeat functionality

    Add an option to have one or multiple steps repeat when holding down the bottom white keys. Currently, you are only able to click-to-toggle mute on steps.

    A few benefits with step-repeat:

    Live performance

    You want a build-up? Hold a single note and gradually add more. At the drop; release all keys and get back to the full melody.

    Easier melody building

    On slow tempo sequences; you won't have to wait to get to the step you want to change the note on - just hold down that one step to have it repeat while you key in the note you want. This will also help to lower the barrier of entry for users who are not musically trained, and who build sequences by keying in notes by ear.


    I'd suggest adding this as an option to toggle between current "mute/unmute" functionality and my proposed "step-repeat" functionality.

    It also could be fun (and probably harder to implement) to add an option where you could disconnect melody and gates so that a step's note would be held and repeated, whereas gates and modulation would continue to run through the whole sequence (thinking specifically about live performance here).

    EDIT: when holding down a step to make it repeat, all other parts should also repeat that step. You are almost never just editing one step, in one part, in isolation. So to provide proper context; other parts would need to repeat accordingly.

    jim, thank you for creating and supporting this beautiful bit of machinery. It's awesome to see how you engage with the community! Vector is not a cheap piece of kit; and seeing it evolve with input from its userbase is amazing and justifies its cost (.. and on a side-note; probably something you should highlight to potential new customers).
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    This is a great idea!


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      I was thinking about this yesterday...
      That's more or less how on the Malekko Varigate and Voltage Block modules are designed.
      Vector is an incredible sequencer and adding some performance oriented functionality would unlock such a huge potential.
      One sequencer to rule them all!


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        We've been mulling over something like this. Probably it will show up first on the Launchpad....