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MIDI merge on the expander?

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  • MIDI merge on the expander?

    I use my Vector and expander with eurorack gear, but also with an old Oberheim Matrix 1000. I use the Oberheim both to play live via a Keystep keyboard, and also some chords from the Vector. I use a Midi merge box at the moment to accomplish this. I have tried to route the Keystep to MIDI in on the expander, and tried to route it out to the Oberheim, but it doesn't work. Would it be possible in future upgrades to add a MIDI merge functionality to the MIDI in jack? One box less would be a blessing. It kind of adds up..
    Best regards Martin Flodin

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    In the next big FW update, REC Modes will latch (so once they are on, they are always on), and REC THRU auto-mutes the running sequence, so I think that will get you pretty close to what you want... Email me if you want to try the beta: Jim (AT) five12 (dot) com