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A couple of feature requests

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  • A couple of feature requests

    These are from another post in tips & tricks ( for more). Since there does not seem to be a way to do what I was asking about for some of the items, it has been suggested they should become feature requests. So here we go!

    1- Have the screen follow the playhead on parts having more than 8 steps as to see what is going on at all times

    2- The chord names displayed should adjust with the global scale (they play fine, the naming just doesn't follow global changes)

    3- Add a way to restart all parts without first stopping the sequencer

    4- Add the ability to specify the range of note generation when using the "Gen" button

    5- Have the "Next" button wrap around the sequence instead of forcing the user to use "Prev"

    6- Add the ability to change the way encoder 9 chooses the chord modifier (It is counter intuitive IMO to have to turn the encoder the opposite way)

    Thanks and cheers!

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    For #1, I think would be good if you could toggle the behavior with a button combo (Prev + Next?) instead of a menu item that would kill the editing workflow. This way could keep it on follow playhead until you hit the page you want then hit button combo to pause and edit, then hit the button comp again to follow again.


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      All good suggestions -- #2 is probably a bug. #6 made made me laugh -- neither direction is obviously the right one, but I can see the need for a pref.