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Index of Sequence (part) as Modulation Target

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  • Index of Sequence (part) as Modulation Target

    The ability to modify which step is being played from external CV. This is a way for the sequence to be indexed by a phasor or any other arbitrary function (or can act as a quick a dirty quantizer).

    1. Set Part1 to an 8 step sequence (coupled or decoupled from global play?*)
    2. set notes 1-8 as C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, B4, C5
    3. assign modulation for Part to 'PlayStep' and set scaling in modulation settings
    4. input 0 to 1 volt external CV to Ext. Mod jacks and set modulation scale settings (haven't thought this through but 1v/oct? wrap? clamp?)
    5. assign part output to pitch output of choice, (gate and velocity of step output is when CV step is PlayStep but interrupted when threshold is exceeded to next step)
    6. Sequence now is advanced by Ext.Mod in rather than Global Clock

    *Coupled with global play could mean (two play-heads?): if a slow sequence is being played, internal steps have priority over ext. modulation and will jump to Sequence Step CV for gate length and then released to follow ext. mod on step completion. Could be an interesting way of producing a fugue?

    I have a sequence of notes I want the "play-head" to follow a gesture from a joystick or some random continuous cv from other modules.

    Thanks for listening!
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