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Drop the "hold part button and select key", make its functionality the default

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  • Drop the "hold part button and select key", make its functionality the default

    The shift button and the part button are next to each other. Using Shift & a white key will execute a function that is possibly destructive, for instance when it is used to generate a new sequence. Hence, the "shift" makes sense, you want to make sure this doesn't happen accidentally.

    While I love the functionality of "press part & white key" to quickly jump to the same menu between parts, the fact that it is easily, verity easily confused with the shift button makes this a very dangerous key combination. It happens to me all the time that I accidentally overwrite a part when all I want is jump to a part.

    Instead I suggest that selecting a part the standard way (click - not hold - part button, click white key) will by default stay in the previously selected edit menu.

    Example: if I am in the velocity menu, click (and let go!) the part button and select a white key, it should jump to that part´s velocity menu. This would allow you to get rid of the "press part & white key" button combination, which means nobody needs to remember a hidden function, plus it would remove a potentially destructive key stroke by error from the UI, and all of this with no drawback whatsoever.
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    Another option I suggested before: now, the encoder clicks and the white buttons have the same behavior. What if one would be dedicated to selecting parts. So, let’s say the white buttons remain exactly like they are, but clicking an encoder button switches to its part. No key combination necessary this way.


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      Could be an option as well. Or even both.